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If you have any questions you may contact:
Mrs. Arellano
After School Coordinator
(530) 822-4440 ext.2034

Hours: M-F, 3:00 – 6:00 PM

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The Wolf Pack After School Program is the Intervention piece for Andros Karperos School. This program provides 240 children, in grades K-5 with additional reinforcement that they need academically, socially, and emotionally. The program runs daily, during all student attendance days, and is comprised of an academic piece, a nutritional and physical piece, a homework support piece, and an enrichment piece. The students that participate in this program are largely English language learners, and children that are labeled “At Risk”, “Below Basic”, and “Far Below Basic” academically and socially. The Wolf Pack After School Program has been running successfully for three years, providing activities and learning opportunities that otherwise would not be available to the children of our community.

The program has had a high rate of success – many students have graduated from the program and have moved from classifications as “English learners”, to grade- appropriate levels of comprehension. In addition, these children have received the social involvement and support that the regular school day cannot provide because of time constraints and lack of funding. Overall, the program provides a necessary platform for the children in our community whose families cannot afford private tutoring or extracurricular activities for their child.

It has been our tradition to recognize these children in the last week of the program through games and community guests. Many of the children who have worked hard to achieve success in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics will receive recognition.

Here are some of the enrichment classes that are offered in the after school program:
  • Wolf Pack Lab: This Enrichment class introduces the basics of computer programs such as: Microsoft Word, Excel, Typing, and ELA and Math based games. Students will learn in a lab setting with two instructors. The class is open to a maximum of 30 students.
  • Wolf Pack Creative Kids: This class will focus on themed art projects. Some projects will be daily, while others may be long-term. The artwork that the students create will be displayed both in classrooms and in the school’s front office. The projects will range from painting and sketching to modeling and sculpture. This class is open to a maximum of 20 students.
  • Wolf Pack Volleyball: This class will focus on the basic skills necessary to play rally-style volleyball. Drills and practices will also be an area of focus, and students will play three competitive games per week. This class is open to a maximum of 16 students.
  • Wolf Pack Scrapbookers: This class is an arts and crafts focused class and will feature the making of themed scrapbook pages, photography, as well as some creative writing. This class is open to a maximum of 20 students.
  • Wolf Pack Champions: This class is a competitive sports class which will focus on the rules of play for games such as: basketball, soccer, kickball, dodgeball or Spartan ball, and other various competitive games. This class is open to a maximum of 25 students.
  • Wolf Pack Amigos: This class will focus on Spanish culture and language. The students will learn the basics of Spanish language (colors, numbers, shapes, alphabet) and cultural celebrations and events. This class is open to a maximum of 20 students.
  • Wolf Pack B-Ballers: Students will learn the basics of basketball, participate in drills, and learn the rules of play.
  • Wolf Pack Beauty School: Students will participate in a class that teaches techniques of braiding, curling, and styling hair (no hair-cutting or sharing of barrettes/combs). Students will also be partaking in manicuring and other “girly” activities.
  • Wolf Pack Hockey: Students will learn the basics of field hockey (indoor) including the basic rules of play and participating in games.
  • Wolf Pack Defenders: Students will learn the beginning rules of self-defense, and participate in stretches and exercises to increase agility and strength.
  • Wolf Pack Geniuses: Students will have the opportunity to participate in a fun and challenging Math Enrichment based class. This class will build students understanding and ability to apply math skills.