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AKS will begin a tardy policy that utilizes Saturday School as a consequence for missed instructional time during the school year.   We believe that this policy will assist with improving accountability for our students (and parents), improving overall attendance and time in seats, and is congruent with high school policies.  

This policy will be in effect on Monday, October 2nd, 2017- with ample to notify parents and students of the change.

Tardy Policy

A student who receives 6 or more tardies in any class (T) within a grading period will be assigned Saturday School.  Remember that tardies are not excused- only a slip from the office returning a pulled student to class (nurse, speech, LC, admin, etc) would be considered acceptable and would not warrant a T for the class period.  The office will run a query on the final day of the grading period to determine which students will be included and the referral will be given by the office.  Saturday School will be proctored by teachers and students will be given character building activities that include reflective writing and reading, AR reading, and homework support.  Saturday School will run from 8-12 pm and a school snack will be provided during the restroom break.  Parents will be notified that their student must attend Saturday School with written and phone communication (auto dialer).  Transportation will not be provided.  Failure to complete Saturday School will result in an additional strike and result in the student being placed on the “not clear” list for school activities, such as dances, special event and end of the year activities.  In order to be removed from the “not clear” list, the student would need to attend the next Saturday School available.